ok, this person does some choice aliens. Go check this person out, seriously.

As someone trying to design a bushel of aliens for a setting, Zarnala makes me want to build a shrine in their name and leave them sacrifices for inspiration.

Anonymous asked: Hello! I love your art and I was wondering what brushes do you use to get that lovely painterly look?


thank u

i usually use the spread brush for lines and then i mess around with the blending modes, using either brush or marker, more often the brush :B
i use low blending to blend the color in quicker with fewer strokes sometimes or when it’s in tiny spots

and i sometimes use the flat brushes that make it a bit more blocky

then it’s a bit of messing with the settings to find whats a good feel for ur brushes and whatnot
im not that good with explanations but i hope it helped somehow?? :’0


celestial anime cat being.


Food Styling and Photography for “Goodforks”

By Marion Luttenberger


Doodlecrackstar asked for a Pickles icon, and uhhhh apparently I am bad at confining myself to 100x100 pixels. So here is a Pickles illustration, that is way too big! I will … try to crop this.

foam armor painting tutorial [pic heavy]


how to make this


look like THIS


While there are many different techniques for painting foam cosplay pieces, this is the method I use for metal armor that works really well for me. So I have typed out exactly what I do in hopes that it will maybe help someone.

I specifically used this technique for foam Iron Man armor, but it can be used for most metal props.

warning: very pic and text heavy

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A fuck-ton of male arm/torso movement references (by Gabriel Charest and Charles Bargue).

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30 Day Challenge // Day 24 // Something That Represents Your Favorite Culture

I’m Buddhist and I’ve always loved the imagery even before I was. The wrathful deities from Tibetan and Mahayana art always fascinated me as a kid. They were like transformations the gods took on in battle. Like a monster magical girl I guess. His is name is Mahakala. Power Prism Make Up.


  • Vampires who support blood banks and organize special medical programs for vampires to legally obtain blood
  • Werewolves who join the police K-9 force due to their heightened canine senses that aid them in investigations
  • Ghosts becoming therapists and motivational speakers for the recently deceased to help them adjust to the afterlife
  • Zombies becoming assistants to morticians to ensure the dead are handled fairly and that they look their best for their new afterlife
  • Mummies working with historians and architects to restore and preserve ancient Egyptian monuments and relics
  • Frankenstein monsters joining the medical field to help research human medicine
  • Swamp creatures reintroducing and tracking endangered aquatic and marsh wildlife


songs to send shivers down your spine and make your spirit soar.

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