A Felix portrait thing.  I don’t really like how this came out, but I really wanted to draw Felix being sassy / douchey.  Then I remembered his goddamn hair and wanted to cry in a corner while consuming chocolate and tea.  It brought back painful memories of doing a self portrait four times every year for four years during college.


Do you you think you could draw a picture of Johnny rayflo from vassalord? (you probably don’t know him) and I know you said you won’t draw any character you’re not Familiar with but he’s is my favorite manga character EVER and I’d absolutely love if you could draw him for me, but if you really don’t want to I will understand:)

You’re right, I have no idea who that is. 8D


Men’s Fashion Illustration
by René Gruau

c. 1950


I’ve been extremely emotional these past couple of days, going through huge mood swings, highs and lows and too many things happening at the same time to deal with normally. Which usually causes me to dark emotional things and alot of the color red.

Ok, this isn’t THAT dark but its dark-ER than my usual cute faces and things…

Took me about an hour and half in Photoshop. Still love the way it came out, even though its a rant drawing basically Red dots and swirls are some of my favorite shapes and symbols to put on people~

Stay Frosty my friends!


hey anybody awake? no?

cool. time to post.

time to post zombie knife-fight ladies.


I did a page for Gaia’s latest storybook chapter that came out today~ * u* I was so excited to be able to do work for the manga again.



Samantha Mash

  1. I’ve Got Headaches and Bad Luck
  2. The Rider of Porthidium
  3. The Rider of Crotalus
  4. Deaths In A Double Bed

Hey it is me!